Sven & Marlies

A couple of pure joy and happiness in their eyes, having the most fun together, making the very best of each and every moment. These are just a few things that characterize this couple. From the early morning till the late evening, they were beautifully shining, which spontaneously created a smile on the faces of everyone around them.

For the ‘first see’ moment, we went to a grass field nearby. They were both holding lots of balloons which they had to loosen to see each other. Family and friends were counting from 10 to 1 to create some extra excitement during this moment.

They had one of the most creative wedding cars I’ve ever seen, an old Mustang, which definitely got everyone’s attention. One of the hilarious moments during the photo shoot was the ‘blow and smile straight after’ for the confetti shots. Unforgettable was the moment Marlies walked down the aisle with each of her brothers on one side of her, as her dad passed away years ago.

What an intense, emotional and stunning moment that was.

The whole day was a beautiful mix of intense, emotional, stunning and fun moments. Sven & Marlies, thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful day!