Jorgen & Julie

It’s always nice to bump into old friends again, and so I did when Jorgen & Julie asked me to be their wedding photographer.

With an authentic wedding car, fun families and friends, a beautiful town hall, the cutest bridal kids and eye for detail, it promised to be a phenomenal day for Mr. and Mrs. ‘Blue Eyes’.

As Julie grew up in Poperinge, a city famous for its beer and hop, they decided to do the photo shoot at one of the many hop fields in the area. Hop is used in beers especially made in this area, which gives a special and unique character to it. You’ll notice in the photos from the shoot, the hop plants can reach a final height of 7 meters.

As the fields can be quite difficult to access because of the soil, Julie decided to find a good alternative and bring her comfortable ‘All-Stars’ to replace her classic wedding shoes for a moment.

The evening party was a truly hilarious end of the day with an interactive quiz organized by the families. It definitely showed their sense of humor and fun.

Thank you, Jorgen & Julie for letting me capture your unique day.