Aron & Celine

When Aron & Celine asked me to be their wedding photographer, I gladly accepted the invitation since they are great friends! It was such a joy to capture the love between these two on their big day!

Remarkable was the great hospitality from both families. So much fun, care, and laughter going on.

I absolutely loved the different locations on this day; for the photo shoot we went to a shed in the surroundings of Utrecht, the ceremony took place in a magnificent church in Baarn and the day finished on a dreamy location in the middle of a forest, which was an amazing 10-minute walk from the parking spot to the location itself. No high heels, but comfortable shoes were the dress code for this evening.

What would their wedding be without a photo booth, as Celine absolutely loves this! People were enjoying themselves to the max.

And when you think you have had the best yet… you get a hilarious opening dance! Aron & Celine opened their dance by imitating the moves the video on the screen showed them to do. People joined the wedding dance when the color wristband they received, was announced. What a show! Creative and so much fun.

A fun day filled with so many unforgettable, emotional moments and lots of laughter. Thanks again guys for letting me capture your special day!