Family Niemeijer

A stunning and hot summer day and a perfect place for the photo shoot… Well, at least, that’s what we had in mind… but due to an event that was taking place, we had to come up with another solution for the location. So after some quick thinking, we ended up in the Amsterdamse Bos, where – believe it or not – another event was taking place. It again took us some time till we could find an entrance, but hooray! We did! Haha, absolutely loved the adventurous beginning of this photo shoot.

They wanted to have some good quality family photos as a present for their mom. I had an incredible time being with these two great families. It’s always the best to capture the pure joy of kids – being their spontaneous selves, just playing around having fun and on the other hand – the parents, who are doing their greatest best to make sure their kids are looking and smiling at the camera. A total win-win situation!

Thank you guys for letting me capture your beautiful families!